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A beautiful rug will complement and bring personality into your life. Easy to take care of.

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Material examples

Fine weaving combines fibers of different thicknesses

durability, moisture resistance

great versatility

Handmade from 100% recyclable synthetic fiber

lightweight, transparent structure

unique look

Synthetic bulk fiber bright white

deep and superior comfort

Iconic design

Handmade weaving from synthetic fiber rope

lightweight aluminum structure

organic forms

More than 20 finishes available. Can be obtained upon request...


Dear customer
Here below, popular collections of outdoor furniture in various styles are presented. Click on the center of the picture to find out more. You will find specifications, sizes and prices of products. For any additional questions feel free to write to us.

Collection 1 

Versatility is the best quality. There are a large number of modular elements, it allows you to create an infinite number of compositions in living spaces.

Collection 2

The organic shapes provided by hand-woven synthetic fiber rope sinuously woven into an aluminum structure make this collection the perfect fit for any space.

Collection 3

One of the reference classic models and one of the most extensive collections. The characteristic star braid and soft rounded shapes make it a hit when decorating a home or public space.

Collection 4

Its minimalist design contrasts with the surrounding wickerwork, allowing it to adapt to different spaces and styles.

Collection 5

Contemporary collection. The combination of black aluminum, dark gray straps and teak armrests creates a versatile collection perfect for both urban and casual spaces.

Collection 6

Mediterranean easy lifestyle. The wide and deep seats provide incredible comfort, while the distinctive snow-white braiding ensures unsurpassed lightness.

Collection 7

It is a union of traditional and modern. Thick comfortable cushions become the highlight of the sofas, surrounded by hand-woven backs. White lacquered aluminum and solid teak wood give the details warmth and strength.

Collection 8

Updated classic. Lightweight braid construction, handcrafted from 100% recyclable synthetic fiber, allows you to see through the organic aluminum structure.

Collection 9

A casual option, due to its enormous adaptability and architectural design of straight and curved lines. Its thin weave combines fibers of different thicknesses that are combined together.

Collection 10

This exquisite collection, where elegant weaving gives it lightness. The dark gray lacquer and anthracite rope are modern and durable.

Collection 11

A distinctive feature of the collection is a fabric woven ribbon with detailed embroidery in the center, the lightness of the weave itself makes you feel wrapped in a corolla of flowers or an elegant shirt collar.

Collection 12

A collection consisting of a two or three seater sofa, armchair, bergère and coffee tables with a strong yet lightweight teak wood structure, cushions with foam padding for outdoor use.

About us and our sales strategy

       Since 2016, our company has been successfully supplying luxury furniture on the Cote d'Azur. We work directly with leading European manufacturers and suppliers of furniture and accessories. For you, we offer furniture from more than 100 furniture factories located in different regions of Europe and in the world. The products of these factories are time-tested and are loved by customers.

       We understand how important it is for you to get a really high-quality product at an affordable price and strive to keep prices strictly within the limits recommended by the manufacturer, and often even lower. Do you want to ask how?

      - we have abandoned huge showrooms: we do not maintain an army of sellers and hectares of rental space.
      - we do not invest extra logistics costs in the price of the goods and deliver the goods to you directly from the factory or supplier.

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